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My name is KK Bodiford.  Much like all of us, I wear many hats, (and not just because I am having a bad hair day).  I make a handful of lists everyday, which I never finish.  So I will make a list of my "hats" to satisfyingly complete on this page!

hat 1.png

I am a Christ Follower.  I try my hardest to let Him lead my path and lean on Him for everything in my life.  My daughter and I love this bible verse so much:  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

hat 2 wife.png

I am a wife.  I try my hardest not to let Chris, (my husband), drive me insane, but love him dearly!  He may spend a little too much time at the deer lease or sitting in front of the TV, (football, golf, hunting, or most recently EVERY single "manly" series on Netflix), but he makes up for it in all the important areas.  Chris is an amazing husband and incredible dad! Now, if you want to see a little humor centered around my hubby, feel free to Click Here.

hat 3 mommy.png

I am a mommy.  I try my hardest to love and nurture them as much as I possibly can, and teach them kindness and respect.  My daughter, Cameron, is 10 years old, with the most genuine, kind-hearted, creative, and loving old soul.  She teaches me so much everyday.  (This video says it all:  Click Here.)  My son, Levi, is 15-months going on crazy! No, really, I now understand when people say, "Get ready, boys are WAY more active!" He is most definitely active, as well as snuggly, silly, giggly, and expressive! If he wasn't so adorable, I would be the crazy one, considering he is a no-sleeper, need-to-wean-him little boy. (This video says it all: Click Here if you want to laugh!)

hat 5 highway.png

I am a musician.  One of my biggest passions is music, and I am blessed to work with one of the most talented singer/songwriters I have ever met, Amelia Presley.  We are in the country duo, Highway Sisters. Life as a mom is exciting in itself.  Life as a musician is also exciting. Life as a mommy-musician is a DREAM COME TRUE! When I'm on stage and I see my babies in the audience, it is the best feeling ever.  Music is so important in everyone's life, and to see the way they embrace it is pretty special!  For 8 months of my pregnancy with Levi, Amelia and I toured all over the U.S.  I'll never forget the way he would respond to certain songs, such as our first radio single, "Papa." He kicked every time I sang a certain note at the end.  My daughter also loves to sing and has such a beautiful voice with a true natural talent.  We have been doing some duet pieces recently, and it's such an amazing bonding experience!   Oh, and I also love to make goofy parody videos, which you'll find in the "Video" tab: Click Here

hat 6 author.png

I am an author.  I started a program a few years ago called “The Bully-Proof-Dream,” based on my book “Anything About You.” It encompasses my own personal experience of being bullied as a child, with the foundation of strength, kindness, courage, and loving yourself! “I know that I am special, even if they don’t agree…but that’s not going to change ANYTHING ABOUT ME!” If you would like a copy of “Anything About You,” Click Here.  It is age-appropriate for babies up to elementary-aged kiddos. 

hat 7 roof.png

I am a business owner.  Now this was an unexpected passion I found through my husband.  He provided me with knowledge and experience of the roofing industry.  I saw an area of opportunity in the field, and decided to do something a little different, and create Burly Roofing.  The name “Burly” means “strongly made.” Strength is acquired from a multitude of areas.  I am passionate in not only bringing strength to the quality of all roofing projects, but also to the quality of relationships and service throughout the process. No matter how big or small the roofing project is, I truly partner with my customers and treat them as family. My priority with Burly Roofing is to make sure it undoubtedly lives up to its’ name of strength, quality, communication, and loyalty.

hat 4 blogger.png

I am a blogger.  Now this is my newest found passion, and I am obsessed!  Being able to relate to other moms through my writing is such an internal reward.  I love to make people laugh and I love to inspire.  There have been many times that a mom blog has helped me make it through a tough day, knowing that I am not alone.  In the early months of breastfeeding Levi, I felt overwhelmed many times.  The best resource was reading other mom's similar experiences, giving me hope, as well as much needed support.

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