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A Mom's Purpose Is: Start A Blog About A Mom's Purpose

Well, as soon as I pick up my oldest child from school, get her ready for ballet, feed her something quick (and probably unhealthy), pick her up from ballet, get her ready for soccer, take her to soccer practice, chase my 1-year-old around for a couple hours, get home, feed everyone dinner, bathe the baby, review my daughters' schoolwork, send her to take a shower, tuck her in, say prayers, breastfeed the baby, fill the humidifier and start the diffuser that will not have any oils in it because I keep forgetting to buy more lavender but he likes the look of it, tuck him in, go back to the kitchen, reheat dinner for myself, pour a heavy glass of wine, sit down to watch Real Housewives of wherever, then have to go back into the room to console a crying baby back to sleep....

Yeah, the "coming soon" may not be quite accurate, but everyday is a new day! A mom's purpose is....never-ending and the biggest blessing in the world!

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Amelia Presley
Amelia Presley
11 mar 2020

I LOVE that you wrote this as your first post! haha!! It's does she find time to write these posts and make these parodies?? How does she have the time?! Oh wait...she doesn't have time.

Me gusta
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