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A Mom’s Purpose Is: Whatever Works For YOU

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. There are no rules in mom-hood except to make sure you love and care for your children, and of course, guide them to be respectful human beings. A mom’s purpose is not to judge or be judged. It’s ok if you want to feed your children 100% organic, clean green hormone-free, no GMO, gluten-free, au-natural kind of foods. It’s ok if your shopping cart is full of frozen pizzas, Lucky Charms, and whatever item you blackmailed your child with just to keep them at bay for the duration of grocery time. Now, you may be tempted to cover it all with a bag or two of frozen mixed vegetables, intentionally placed on top so other moms that walk by can see that you are a healthy shopper. Don’t give into temptation. Own that cart and everything inside of it. Your mom-purpose belongs to YOU, along with that wild animal pulling everything off the shelf when you get within one foot of it.

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. If a mom wants to dress their little girl up in a smocked dress with fancy italic initials and matching ruffled socks wearing the biggest bow on the block that looks like a huge parachute on a head of perfect Shirley Temple curls, that’s ok! (By the way, I tried that with my daughter a couple times and it just wasn’t my thing…but again, that’s my prerogative.) On the contrary, if a mom goes to the store with their child dressed in a dirty shirt from having frozen pizza earlier that day, (bet you can guess what we eat on a regular), with a matching stained face of sauce and something unidentifiable, just a diaper for the bottoms because she failed to pack a change of clothes and there was an unfortunate blowout in the parking lot…that’s ok! (Just as long as they aren’t running around barefoot in a public restroom...that just shouldn’t be part of a moms’ purpose or anyone else’s...gross!)

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. You may be a “PTO Mom” or you may be a “PTO Mom.” (No, that’s not a typo.) If you are a mom that enjoys being a part of the “Parent-Teacher Organization” at your school, you rock because we need you! I am very appreciative of those moms because someone needs to do it and I, for one, will not. The other “PTO Mom” I am referring to is the one that is a “Paid-Time-Off” mom. Wouldn’t that be nice if we actually DID get a monetary benefit for taking a “me-break”? But my point is this…whether you are super involved at your kid’s school, or prefer to take every free opportunity to regenerate and recharge, they are both acceptable, because you own your life and you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. No one is perfect and if that’s what you're striving to be, I promise you that you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff! I try to set an example for my kids by excluding cuss words from my daily phraseology. However, we all have our moments and sometimes when I am at my breaking point, I throw out words I would never want my daughter to repeat (and so far, I haven’t heard one bad word in her 10 years of life, so hopefully that sticks. Now I’m not sure if my 1-year-old has, but some of his babbling IS a bit suspicious). Your choice of language may not be another mom’s choice of language and vice versa. As a mom, it’s our job to teach our children right from wrong, learning from our mistakes, and that there is no such thing as being perfect, even if someone else appears to be. You may not always agree with another mom’s “momming” but it’s not our job to judge.

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. There’s been such a generational shift in the pressure of society from what I can remember as an 80’s baby. Not that judgement hasn’t always been around, but the way I’ve experienced moms looking down on other moms because they don’t parent a certain way, or because their child isn’t involved in whatever they think they should be, is unacceptable. Back in the day, my friends’ moms were all so different and as far as I know, that was ok. There wasn’t a set standard as to what they should look like or how they should be. They all seemed to have their own purpose and it wasn’t a big deal. Moms need to lift one another up. No matter what anyone says, we ALL need that sometimes. Whether it be a mom of one child or a mom of 5 with one cooking in the oven, they both need encouragement. Whether it be a mom with an endless checking account or a mom that is far too familiar with the term “insufficient funds,” both need a mom boost to let them know they are doing a great job! Whether it be a “working mom” (I actually can’t stand that term because we are ALL “working moms” but I’ll leave it for descriptive purposes) or a stay-at-home mom, both could use some fellow mom-empowerment! I have experienced a whole new set of judgements as a musician mom. I am in a country duo called “Highway Sisters.” My counterpart, Amelia Presley, and I have both been hit by the “moms are only allowed to be a stay-at-home or corporate 9-5 mom” judgement-police. We are moms. We are musicians. Our job is to be mom. Our job is to play music. A job is a job is a job. No matter how you look at it, any job has its’ own set of challenges, and wouldn’t that be great if we all lifted one another up? I know that my fellow encouraging mom-friends have been my saving grace at times when I’ve needed to hear “KK, you are an awesome mom!” Simple, yet can turn around an “I’m about to lose it” kind of day in a heartbeat. In fact, take a moment right now from reading this blog and text a mom-praise to a fellow mom-friend. By the way, the mom that’s reading this…yes, YOU…You are an amazing mom and your child/children are so blessed to have you as their mommy! I know it’s hard at times, but no matter whether you feel it or not, on the good days and even the bad, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!! Be proud of yourself!

A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever the MOM wants it to be. You OWN your own mom-purpose. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, because you’ve owned it outright from the first moment you became a mom. (On the other hand, you may have 283 payments left on your house until the bank hands over the baton, or 27 payments left on your truck before you officially call it “mine.” Now that’s a different story, but it’s YOUR story and nobody’s business but your own!) I have a challenge for my fellow moms. Make two columns on a piece of paper. On one side make a list of all the qualities that make up your mom-purpose. On the other side, write down anything you would like to add as your mom-goals. Look at it often and expand the list when you see fit. Take another sheet of paper and write down every single negative thing that you can think of that’s preventing you from achieving your mom-goals. Be brutally honest with yourself on this one. When you have finished the list, read it out loud. One-by-one, tear off each obstacle, pray to God asking Him to release the burden (or don’t pray if you have a different belief, no judgement here), tear it up and flush it. Also, if/when some of those obstacles return to sender, let it be ok. Give yourself a break and know that mom-hood is always a work-in-progress. The good, the bad, the “haven’t showered in two days” ugly (but you’re still gorgeous) are all part of our unique stories. All that really matters is that A MOM’S PURPOSE IS whatever you, MOM, wants it to be!

If you need a little mom humor, head over to my YouTube page for some random mommy parody videos....Click here!

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1 Comment

Amelia Presley
Amelia Presley
Mar 11, 2020

I LOOOOOOVE this sooooooo much!!! You covered every mom! And every mom needs to read this!!!

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